2021 Tile Design Trends

2021 Tile Design Trends

2021 Tile Design Trends

Tile Designs

Over the past few years, tile design trends have changed significantly. While this doesn’t mean that the tile designs you may have chosen back then are no longer trendy, it just means that there are newer trends on the market. We love using tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, because they add visual appeal. But honestly, tile design can transform any area of your home. 

Oversized Tiles

Gone are the days when small tiles are considered fashionable! Nowadays, people want the wow factor and that includes oversized tiles. You can easily use the oversized tiles for countertops, floors, and even shower walls. Large squares are the most common shape for these tiles. But you can find hexagonal tiles that will add geometric flair to any room. The best part about these tiles is they are easy to maintain and clean.

Extra Large Tile Slabs

There is no rule in 2021 that you must use square, small tiles in your space. There are now extra-large tile slabs to choose from. Most of these extra-large slabs look like precious stones like marble. It is easier to match the veins on these tile slabs than it is on a piece of granite. This is what makes these slabs contenders for countertops and shower walls. The best part about these slabs though is they are non-porous. That means stains won’t leave marks and you can clean everything up easily.

Natural and Untreated Wooden Look

Everyone loves having wooden floors or floors made from natural materials. However, this ends when homeowners like yourself realize how difficult it can be to maintain those types of materials. This is where the natural and untreated wooden tiles come in. You can get the wooden or natural look you desire without all the maintenance work. 

Spa Style Tiles

Spa style tiles come in textured neutral colors, as well as soft greens and blues. The goal with these gorgeous tiles is to bring in a feeling of the sky, sand, sea, and forest. Using these tiles in your home, especially in your bathroom, is an excellent way to have a spa day without ever leaving your house.


Yes, terrazzo has been around for a very long time. But the new terrazzo offers additional energy inside your home. Terrazzo is available in small tiles or large slabs. Plus, you can choose from finer flecks or all out bursts of color in your terrazzo tiles. This is an excellent tile if you are going for the retro feel inside your house. 

Concrete Tiles

Concrete has gotten a bad rap over the years and we are not sure why. This material is very easy to maintain, plus you can personalize it before or during installation. If you have been searching for a way to incorporate playful patterns in any room of your home and haven’t found one you love, concrete tiles are the way to go. 

Not every homeowner loves the high gloss finish of these tiles, but they can make a home look quite glamorous. If you are looking for a high-end look, these high gloss tiles will check off many boxes for you. There is a downside to all that glamour though. High gloss tiles are quite difficult to maintain, plus there is a lot of upkeep to do every few months. We also recommend not installing these tiles in rooms where water can get on the floor, because they are very slippery. If you do place these tiles in those areas, we recommend having a slip-resistant protective coating applied. 

High Gloss Tiles

These are the 2021 tile design trends you won’t want to miss. If you have been wanting to install new tiles this year, check out these different tile designs. We know at least one of them will be exactly what you are looking for in your home. 

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