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Sunergy Solutions, Inc. has been leading the way in the insulation industry for more than ten years now. Our knowledgeable employees have ensured that hundreds of homeowners, and commercial property owners, have been comfortable in their homes and buildings. Our insulation department is focused on using energy efficient products and services to help our clients save on their monthly energy bills and live a better life. 


Trust Our Solid Reputation

Years of experience in the construction and insulation industry and hundreds of satisfied clients speak for the fact that choosing us as your home renovation contractor will make the wise choice.


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With You Every Step Of The Way

Our insulation removal and installation process is easy with our 3 simple steps:


learning all about your dream home

In our first meeting we want to hear from you. What are your home insulation needs and how we can achieve them.


Pair you up with the Perfect designer

Once we know what direction we’re going we will match you with the perfect designer and project manager.


Manage your home remodeling process

Your project manager will inspect and update you every step of your renovation project, until you’re satisfied.

Providing quality construction for decades

When we tell you a completion date, we work hard to complete your insulation removal and installation on time. We also stick to your budget, so you are not worried about costs towards the end. 

Your Air Quality Specialists

We know how important it is to have the proper green insulation in a home or building, because it keeps the entire building at a comfortable temperature without raising your energy bills. Plus, you don’t need to keep adjusting the thermostat or putting on a sweater or taking one off. 

One of the questions we are asked the most from homeowners is whether or not they have enough attic insulation. Another question is whether that attic insulation is safe to keep in place or if it is causing health issues. 

When we receive those questions, we tell owners that it is always best to give us a call and have us come out to inspect the insulation. During our inspection, we can tell what shape your insulation is in. If the insulation is very thin or has lots of holes and areas of disintegration, we will tell you that. If it is sitting in puddles of water, that is an entirely other problem and will need to be addressed accordingly. 

Our inspection will also allow us to see if you need more insulation in your home or a different type that offers more benefits than your old insulation.

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Insulation Installation Los Angeles

Insulation Removal Process

After our detailed inspection, we’ll share exactly what steps we would recommend taking with the insulation. We will provide you with a written estimate that shares what insulation we would install and the steps we would take for the entire process. The cost will be included on that estimate, so you will never be questioning what is included in the price we stated during our meeting. 

The insulation removal is easy, and we make sure all the debris is removed along with the insulation. Once we have all the old insulation out, we will make any necessary repairs to prevent your new insulation from getting damaged. Most of the time, the repairs are needed due to water damage. 

After all the repairs are made, it will finally be time to replace your insulation. The insulation installation will not take that much time, but we will need to use caution to make sure we get the insulation in every spot it needs to be. 

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now!

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Sunergy Solutions, Inc. have been helping homeowners and businesses all over Southern California to save money on their monthly energy bills.