Design Tips For Small Kitchens (1)

7 Design Tips for Small Kitchens

7 Design Tips for Small Kitchens

Small Kitchen? No problem!

Small kitchens can be found in homes around the country.  Some homeowners love their small kitchens, while others can’t wait to make this space feel larger. Don’t think that you must tackle a major kitchen renovation to make the most of this room in your home though. Even if you don’t have tons of kitchen cabinets, or a kitchen island, there are plenty of kitchen design ideas that will make your kitchen feel bigger than it is. 

1. Create a Layout that Fits Your Needs

This design tip for small kitchens might be a larger kitchen remodeling project than you are willing to tackle. However, a few small tweaks to your current layout could reap the benefits you have been dreaming of.  

Creating a one-walled kitchen will keep things streamlined in your small space. If you can’t fathom working in a half-galley kitchen, then we recommend going for the full-galley option. 

2. Create a Prep Area

While a full kitchen island design might not be in the works for your kitchen remodel, you can still create a small prep area.  We recommend bringing in a small table that you can use to chop, dice, slice, and put full meals together on.

Your new prep area can be a narrow table. Or you can choose a full-size table that can then work as a place where you eat your meals. The possibilities are endless with your prep area, so be creative with this small kitchen design tip.

3. Organize the Inside of Your Cabinets

Throwing everything into your cabinets is the worst thing you can do. Especially if you have a small kitchen! All those things can come falling out on you without notice or make it difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. 

We recommend organizing the inside of your cabinets. By doing this, you will have areas that fit more items than you could ever imagine. Use stacking units to place dishes or cups above others. Risers can also be used to fit all those smaller appliances inside your cabinets. This will be a lifesaver since those appliances won’t be scattered around your kitchen countertops. 

4. Remove All the Clutter

Speaking of small appliances all over your kitchen countertops… We recommend removing all the clutter from your small kitchen. You will be amazed at how much space you have once all your clutter is gone!

Take all those papers out of the kitchen and file them. Clean out the junk drawer and toss out the zillion pens and markers that no longer work. This is also the time to toss out or donate all those kitchen items you no longer use.

5. Use Your Vertical Space

All that empty wall space can actually be used in your new kitchen design. Instead of leaving those vertical spaces empty, we recommend using them to your advantage. These vertical spaces are where you can place floating shelves to fill with cookbooks, extra dishes, and so much more. 

We even recommend hanging a rack over your kitchen island or stove, so you have an easy place to store all your pots and pans. 

6. Create a Pantry Space

You don’t need to use one of your few kitchen cabinets as a pantry space in your kitchen. Instead, we recommend creating a new pantry space into your kitchen design. This is an easy kitchen remodeling option, because you can use so many different things as your new pantry. 

We recommend looking at estate sales for old lockers, bookcases, and even dressers. Anything that offers storage will be the perfect pantry for your needs. And the best part is it will offer the additional storage you have been craving. 

Pegboards are normally seen in tool rooms and sheds. However, they can be the perfect solution when you are looking to incorporate more space in your small kitchen. Once you decide to incorporate a pegboard into your kitchen design ideas, you will need to determine which size will fulfill your needs. 

From there, you can decide what you will store on this pegboard. The most popular item is cooking utensils. However, you can store spice bottles, mugs, and many other items. 

7. Add a Pegboard

These are our favorite seven design tips for small kitchens. There are so many other design tips you can consider for your small kitchen though. A professional kitchen remodeling contractor can help you determine which design tips will work best in your small kitchen. Once you implement a few new designs in your small kitchen, we guarantee you will finally fall in love with that space in your home. 

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